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Take a deep breath and smile – rhinoplasty’s over and all you need to do now is eat well and show your new look to the world. This, however, may take a while for you to go back to your old habits and heal properly. Approximately one week from the surgery you will feel like everything’s back to normal, the cast on your nose will be gone and so will that bit of bruising and puffiness around the eyes and cheeks. While the urge to hide in your rooms may overtake you during the day, you might feel a bit uncomfortable sleeping in the night. Don’t worry, here are a few tips to help you sleep well and feel refreshed after surgery and they might even speed the healing process up a bit.

Think in advance

It may seem like too much trouble for such small procedure, but forward thinking and some good planning a few weeks in advance can help you feel better after everything starts happening. That first week after surgery when you will get the strongest possible desire to stay at home and never ever show your face to anyone, can actually be relaxing and even fun time. Get some great books, buy some magazines, get a few good movies and TV shows, buy all medications prescribed by your surgeon in advance. Before you go to the clinic, make sure your bed has soft and comfortable pillows which will keep your head up while you sleep. This will also help with the swelling, it can reduce it a bit thus making you breathe more easily.

Sleep Safely & Soundly After Rhinoplasty
Sleep Safely & Soundly After Rhinoplasty

Claim your bed

During this week or so your bed should belong to you and you alone. No pets, no children, no partners – only you. Rhinoplasty is the perfect chance for you to have some privacy and sleep diagonally on a double bed if you want. The most important thing is to keep your nose from hitting anything in the early stages of recovery. Your bedmate may not be the one to toss around and move a lot, but they should think about you and your health and accept the couch. They might even appreciate it more once they have experienced sleeping somewhere else.

Rolling on the bed

In case you are the one who tosses themselves around while they sleep, and not your partner, here is what you can do to prevent yourself from rolling all over your bed as soon as you’re asleep. You wouldn’t believe but a quick mental reminder not to toss and turn before you fall asleep might help. Nevertheless, don’t be too worried even after you catch yourself in another position in the morning, the cast is put there for a reason. You will also probably wake yourself up if you manage to roll onto your stomach while you sleep.

Find courage

No matter how tempting it is to hide until you look as if nothing ever happened, you will feel vulnerable once you do get outside and face the world. To find courage, take a look at some nose job before and after photos or read about other people’s experiences. It will make you feel more confident and strong.


Kelly Brook