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Did you know that tea is the most consumed drink in the world? This drink is a gift from nature and a friend of our health.

Therefore, we reveal you the properties of different types of herbal teas and health benefits from their regular consumption.

Chamomile tea

This calming herb of the family of all herbal herbs is usually the most consumed tea that helps combat insomnia and other sleep disorders. Also, it is known that helps in reducing cramps and abdominal pain accompanied by nausea and irritation in the stomach that can be caused by drinking too much coffee.

chamomile tea
chamomile tea

Daily consumption of chamomile tea combined with meals of healthy foods can help in preventing complications caused by diabetes, found researchers from Japan and the UK.

If you have skin problems or want more beauty and nourished skin, it is enough once a week to wash your face with chamomile tea.

Chamomile is a very good remedy for calming. Regularly drink the tea and you will feel a change. If you have problems with hair loss, wash your hair with chamomile tea (four tablespoons of chamomile put in boiling water, after ten minutes drain tea and wait for it to cool down).

Chamomile also helps in eliminating menstrual pains.

If you regularly drink chamomile tea, you can stop the appearance of cancer and its treatment have made it easier, recommend scientists from US.

In the chamomile tea is located joint under the name apigenin which acts against cancer cells.
Scientists at Ohio University have established that apigenin can block the ability of cells of breast cancer to live longer than normal cells,and prevents their spread and makes them more susceptible to treatment with medication.
Tea from chamomile, parsley and celery are the best sources of apigenin, but this circuit can be also found in fruits and vegetables that are very usual in the Mediterranean diet.

Apigenin acts against inflammation and helps the protein to correct abnormalities RNA – molecules that carry genetic information – which is the reason for the occurrence of 80% of cancer.

Molecular geneticist Professor Andrea Doseff from Ohio University, says:

“We all know that we need to eat healthy, but in many cases we do not know the exact reason why something is healthy, or exactly how that works on the body. Here we see that mentioned circuit acts useful on proteins in the body. We believe that this action on specific proteins can be very valuable for preventing cancer. Cancer cells thrive by stopping the process that would cause their death, and apigenin can prevent this.”

Interestingly, scientists have established that apigenin affects some 160 proteins in the human body,huge number when compared with drugs that produce pharmaceutical industries, targeting only one molecule, wrote in the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Mint tea

Mint tea
Mint tea

This refreshing and stimulating herb relieves cold symptoms and headache and has powerful anti-inflammatory influence that helps soothe the upset stomach or menstrual cramps. It is a fantastic substitute for coffee, where it maintains brain active and focused, just like coffee.

Dandelion tea

Taken from the root of the dandelion, this tea is an excellent tonic for the liver. It is one of the best detoxify primarily used to purify the liver and gallbladder, dismisses the harmful toxins in the body and thus is very useful in the process of detoxification. Although it has a bitter taste it is usually served and consumed with a spoonful of organic honey and is excellent, above all, healthy alternative to coffee and thereby helps in detoxification of the body.

Although our grandmothers were prepared dandelion syrup knowing that contains many medicinal substances, what probably did not know is that the root of the dandelion can help cancer patients.It is found that the root of this plant allegedly is acting better than chemotherapy because she kills all cells, and the root of the dandelion strikes just the cancer cells.

At the University of Windsor in Canada was conducted initial research at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the results provide new hope for cancer patients. It is found that the root of the dandelion effectively kills the cells affected by cancer without any harmful side effects on other cells in the body.

Dandelion tea acts of the affected cells so they decompose within 48 hours, and during that time not a single new healthy cell in the body is going to be ill, shows the research.It is believed that continuous treatment with dandelion root can destroy cells affected by cancer in patients and for these unexpected results team of experts received additional support to continue research on this herb.

Lime tea

Lime is a deciduous tree with large, dense canopy that can grow in height from 30 meters. Loves calm, fertile and deep ground. Blooms two to three weeks, the flowers are yellow and white, with a mild and pleasant odor, while the taste is mild and less bitter. In the flower and leaf has vitamin C in large quantities.

Lime tea
Lime tea

Lime flower is extremely valuable because it contains tannins, essential oils, sugar, wax, menthol, tartrate… Collected flowers are dried in a cool and transparent place. It is important that with drying, flowers must retain their natural color and fragrance.

Lime flower is commonly used in the form of tea, against sweating, cramps and to soothe the pain. With increased temperature, flu and colds it is considered as the most important folk remedy in the therapy. It is used for colds, chronic cough and diarrhea, as well as the healing of burns and wounds and helps irritated and damaged mucous membrane. Also, linden tea removes pain during urination, fatigue, and can calm the nervous tension.

To the nervous people who are prone to stress and people who can hardly sleep, linden tea is recommended as a daily drink. Linden tea belongs to herbal teas that have no limit for their consumption and can be drunk and from children. He is mild relaxant, especially effective against nervous tension.

Many women use lime during menopause to reduce anxiety and sleep problems.Tea with the addition of lime honey have beneficial effect in preventing atherosclerosis, inflammation of the veins, angina pectoris, heart attack…

British research has shown that the linden flower heals and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, even in the case of varicose veins. Also has a beneficial effect on the blood and prevents blood clotting. Acts against blockage of the coronary arteries that supply the heart with blood. Thus decreasing the risk of heart attack.

Preparation: Pour a cup of hot water over 2 teaspoons dried linden flowers, then cover the bowl and leave to stand for 15 minutes.Drain and drink to 3 cups a day.

Thyme tea

Thyme herb is a plant that can be found almost in all places.It is collected from mountain meadows, dried and it is used for preparing tea.

For thyme tea is known that helps in diseases of the airways, and is used against gastric upsets and problems with digestion. Is especially good for calming the nervous system, and is a component of many tranquilizers.

Thyme tea
Thyme tea

Thyme tea is very effective for calming the intestinal peristalsis, so it is used in cases of intense diarrhea, alone or in combination with other therapy.

This tea is especially used in cases of irregular menstruation, painful and heavy periods, also alone or in combination with other therapy. It is recommended to all women who have a problematic monthly cycle. In those days intensively consume the tea thyme and will certainly notice relief.

A group of British researchers recently proved the effective action of the thyme in the fight against acne.
A series of tests they did show that extracts of thyme effectively destroy the bacteria that are responsible for the appearance of acne.

Interestingly, extracts that scientists apart from the thyme proved much more effective than benzoyl peroxide, which is the main constituent element in many cosmetic products for acne.
The ingredients in the thyme keep the skin and cannot produce any side effects as is sometimes the case with preparations based on benzoyl peroxide. Besides killing bacteria that cause acne, extracts from the thyme act beneficial to all inflammatory processes of the skin.

Tinctures based on thyme can be combined with other elixirs of natural origin, such as St. John’s wort and marigold. This survey once again proves the wide range of activities of this beneficial plant that we can safely say that it is a gift of God’s pharmacy.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea has often been the target of much scientific research. All research unreservedly confirmed its usefulness and achievements for the organism, and some of them found interesting facts about him.Several studies confirmed that the ingredients that are found in jasmine tea acts against spreading of the breast cancer cells.

Jasmine tea
Jasmine tea

Also in other research, scientists noticed similar effects in malignant changes in the prostate, which is another proof that jasmine tea could be the basis for a cure against this evil disease. Naturally, you can not use jasmine tea as the only cure for this disease, but for certain you can use it as a preventive tool, consuming in unlimited quantities.

Its odor has stimulating effect on the organism and stabilize the heart. Numerous studies done on volunteers, have provided this incredible power to calm, which has the smell of jasmine tea. One more reason to enjoy this tea.Smell it first and then consume.

Increased fat in the blood is a common problem. Scientists advise to use jasmine tea in therapy against the increased fat, but in combination with green tea, since then it has the best effect.

And we advise you, start today to regularly use this tea because we believe that, except what was written here, there must be a lot of more benefits that jasmine tea can offer to you.

Birch tea

Birch is one of the best diuretic herbs with very strong action. From the buds and leaves of birch we can prepare tea,which is one of the best natural diuretics.He assisted in the discharge of excess water from the body,helps to reduce of swelling that occurs because of heart failure or kidney disease.

Because tea from birch boosts kidney function, meaning helps in the elimination of water from the body, it helps also in the discharge of harmful toxins from the body. Thus, birch is natural”cleaner” of the body. Also, birch tea performs and disinfection of the urinary tract.

Birch tea leaves should not be consumed frequently, because there are other herbs with similar effects in terms of excretion of urine, but it is especially recommended for dissolving kidney stones and throwing them painlessly.
Birch leaves are successfully used to treat skin diseases, lichens, removes protein from urine, ejects acids from the body, and is used as a natural remedy for fever and rheumatic diseases.

In spring, when juices begin to circulate we drill hole in the birch tree and we collect the juices. After that, the hole is closed with a wooden nail. From one tree can be collected about 4 to 5 liters of juice daily, and about 170 liters per season. Frequent drilling of the same tree has a harmful effect on the tree, and its resistance decreases towards fungal infections. Birch juice is rich in sugar, so if the heat it to boiling, we get birch wine.

Juice and birch wine are excellent natural remedy for the treatment of atherosclerosis, obesity, kidney stones and other renal diseases.

Parsley tea

Parsley tea
Parsley tea

Parsley tea is very healthy, therefore every day you should drink at least one cup.It is recommended not only for people who have health problems, but also as a very good prevention for many types of diseases.

Parsley tea is great for expelling toxins from the body, strengthening the stomach glands, helps with heart disease, kidney disease and improves metabolism. In most cases, people use parsley in their diet, and additionally have also and a decorative purpose.

Parsley is desirable groceries for every woman. Parsley tea is great for losing excess weight and also successfully regulate irregular monthly cycles.

Long studies and experiments have proven that consumption of parsley tea reduces pain. It can reduce high blood pressure, and also regulate the menstrual cycle. It is recommended to drink and if you haven’t any health problem, because it perfectly cleans the body of toxins.

Parsley tea can greatly help if you are one of the women who have cysts. Make tea so that you will mix a spoonful of mixture of roots and leaves of parsley in a cup of boiling water. Drink this tea three times a day.

Extra – These are the best kinds of teas against anemia

Try these three types of teas against anemia and improve your blood picture with their help…

Pale skin and mucosa is visible only in severe cases of anemia. Mainly its symptoms are quite vague and not noticeable. Affected usually are complaining of general weakness and discomfort. With the treatment that is prescribed by the doctor it is good to drink certain teas.

Anemia or decrease in the number of blood cells, can seriously affect the quality of life, and in severe cases can lead to serious complications. So always have to be treated according to the guidelines of the doctor. However, treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency will be more effective with these herbal teas. Some of them can help in the creation of a stock of iron in the body.

Periwinkle tea

30 grams of dried periwinkle leaves boil one minute in a liter of water, let it stand for 15 minutes, then strain. Drink two cups of tea twice daily between meals.

Nuts tea

20 fresh leaves of nut bowl in a liter of water for 15 minutes, then strain. Drink one cup of tea before a meal twice a day.

White nettle tea
White nettle tea

White nettle tea

25 g dried flower tops from the nettle place into a liter of boiling water. Allow to stand for 10 minutes and then strain. Drink two cups of tea a day between meals.