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Often we hear about how much water we should drink during the day. Some say 2 to 3 liters, some up to 8 cups, and some say something completely else. But these recommendations are not necessarily correct because the intake of fluid varies depending on several factors.

Water is necessary for life. People can survive much longer without food than without water. The only thing that has been more necessary for the life from the water is air.

Benefits of Water
Benefits of Water

Water represents about 60-70% of our body weight. Therefore, every inch of our body needs it to function properly. Insufficient water intake leads to dehydration, and in such case the normal functioning of the body is impossible. Even mild dehydration immediately brings negative consequences as a reduction of energy, headaches, fatigue.

Read these urban myths:

  • Men need three liters per day or 13 cups, and women 2.2 liters or 9 cups.
  • Any diet recommends drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. Water helps to lose weight. It speeds up metabolism, especially if it is cold. When you drink cold water, the body tries to warm up, but to do it, consumes extra calories.

So wait now! Are you confused? How many liters water to drink now: 3 liters, 2 liters, 2.5 liters?!

Dear readers, consume water as much as you need, i.e. as much as your body requires. Do not believe on the aforementioned myths. These are myths placed from the industry of healthy food and bottled water to profit. And do not forget: The food we eat contains a certain percentage of water (fruits, vegetables and other foods). So no needs to toiling with volumes of water (2 liters, 3 liters or any other number).

Water Means Life
Water Means Life

Water speeds up metabolism, increases energy levels, moisturizes the skin and helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. Here are some of the benefits that drinking water has brought better health and attractive appearance:

Water increases energy. One of the most common reasons people feel tired during the day is dehydration. Even weakest dehydration leads to reduced energy consumption. Water helps the blood to transport oxygen and other materials to various cells in the body. So, when the body has sufficient water, the energy level is higher.

Water helps for better and longer exercising. Water regulates body temperature during exercise. If you drink enough water, you will have more energy and strength to complete the exercise. In addition, the water will help to prevent muscle cramps. So, drink plenty of water before exercise, during exercise and after exercise.

Water improves digestion. Vegetable fibers and water is a strong combination that improves digestion. In contrast, dehydration causes the body to absorb all the water, leaving the colon dry, so it complicates the process of defecation.

The water reduces the risk of kidney stone. Experts warn that the incidence of kidney stones in children and adults are due to insufficient consumption of water. The water dissolved minerals and salts in the urine that contribute to the creation of stone. Drink enough water to significantly reduce the likelihood of kidney stones.

The water reduces stress and increases concentration. If you take into account the fact that about 80% of the weight of our brain is water, it is not difficult to assume that dehydration is an obstacle to its normal functioning. Lack of water causes stress to the body and the mind, and furthermore reduces the ability to concentrate.

Water can cure headache. Headache often occurs as a result of dehydration. In such a case, the consumption of a few glasses of water will help get rid of unpleasant pain.

Water fights against wrinkles and acne. Think of the water as a natural asset that nourishes your skin in different ways. When the body is dehydrated, delicate lines and wrinkles are visible. Water improves circulation, so your skin will gain a healthy glow. The only way that water can harm the skin is if you wash your face too often. The skin secretes natural oils which serve as a protection, so if you remove them too often can you may be faced with dry skin and appearance of wrinkles.

Did you know that …

Healthy Water
Healthy Water

The cold water can help you exercise longer? Studies have shown that people who drink cold water from the refrigerator exercise 25% longer than those who drank the same amount of hot water.

Through food we import 20% of the total quantity of imported water. Watermelon is an excellent choice for cooling in the summer heat, but also many other fruits contain a large amount of water.

100g watermelon will give your body 90-95ml water.
150g strawberries have in 135ml water.
100g apples will bring additional 85ml water.

Drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you lose weight. Water reduces the intensity of hunger while helping you enter fewer calories. Studies have shown that consuming a glass of water before each meal contributes to the reduction of calorie intake throughout the day with 13%.

So, look for a small bottle of water and constantly keep it to yourself. Start now to use the power of water.