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The sea does wonders when it comes to human health, this is the meaning of almost all scientists who studied the influence of the sea and the sea water on human health. We now briefly present some benefits that the sea can provide to your health.

Marine Air – breathe with your full capacity

The sea air is good for human health, according to scientists. In the morning with the sunrise, it is best to walk the seashore, breathe deeply and relax. Sea air helps with respiratory illnesses and sinus problems, and affect the emotional health of the individual as scientists said.

Sea Water
Sea Water

Sea Water – Elixir of physical and mental health

Sea water is a true elixir for the human body. While the body is in the water, the blood circulates better, body detoxify itself, the muscles receive increased blood flow, and thus adequate oxygenation and easier excretion of harmful metabolites. Sea water is a cure for your skin, a source of health for your heart, and a haven for the human psyche. Scientists advise you to intensify muscle use while you are in the water because it will enlist all the benefits of seawater.

Marine Sand – For healthy feet and good circulation

Sea sand is incalculable good for your health. You might be surprised, but he is a true peeling for your feet, gives shape to your legs, injury regenerator and real instigator to your circulation. Half an hour walking barefoot on the sand of the sea is an invaluable gift to your body.

Marine Sun – Small doses of sunscreen, for large doses of Health

Sea Sun
Sea Sun

A little sun exposure with adequate protection is truly a gift to your body. Encourages the creation of vitamin D, acting against psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and many other conditions. However, if you exaggerate the consequences can overcome the beneficial properties because several hours of sun exposure are not considered as a healthy habit.
The sea is a real gift to the human body, so if you have the opportunity don’t even think to decide whether the choice for this year’s summer vacation to be the sea. Whichever sea will be your choice you will not make a mistake, each is hiding their wealth and beauty, and each has a positive effect on your health.

5 reasons why you should not go to the holiday without Spirulina:

With Spirulina full day on the sun

Beta – carotene is the best protection that you can give away to your skin this summer. If you enjoy the sunshine and if you want to get a nice bronze tan, protecting your skin at the same time from harmful UV rays,you must bring your Spirulina this summer with you.

Your skin will be protected from adverse redness and “burning” the skin caused by the burning sun, and beside that you can enjoy carefree at sandy beaches with your loved ones.

Spirulina will give you a natural and healthy tanning of your skin.

Constipation and diarrhea, forget this summer these problems

Summer vacation, change of diet and physical activity change can affect the digestive system. Experts advise that a few days before summer vacation and during the holidays to use Spirulina which, thanks to the composition prevent diarrhea outbreaks, as well as constipation. Will calm “agitated hoses” will regulate a regular chair and will provide a pleasant journey.

Slim and “handsome” to the beach

spirulina and sea
spirulina and sea

Everybody wants to look perfect, but when the summer comes and when we need to show our on the beach there is always a problem with some weight more…

In several surveys and studies Spirulina shows excellent results for weight control. It helps weight loss in several ways.

Spirulina contains the amino acid Phenylalanine, which reduces appetite in a way that activates the secretion of the hormone cholecystokinin in the gut. When cholecystokinin enters into the stomach, digestion slows down and he sends information to the brain that you are “full”, so naturally reduces appetite. This process takes about 20 minutes, so it is recommended intake of Spirulina before meals.

Spirulina – for safe driving and concentration on the road

While traveling:

  • Keeps you awake while driving
  • Improves concentration and gives you energy

Before 500 years ago the Aztecs used Spirulina to their long tours through the mountains. Today Spirulina is an ideal choice when driving in heavy traffic. Algae refreshes you and warn you behind the wheel, and it increases your concentration and responsibility as a driver.

Spirulina wealth of vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Spirulina with its composition and a wide range of nutrients delights nutritionists worldwide. Mother Nature in Spirulina merged over 4000 nutrients vital to the human body.

Proteins and amino acids.

Spirulina contains high-quality vegetable proteins (about 63%),and that is 3-4 times more than beef and 5 times more than eggs. These proteins are biologically complete because they contain all essential and non-essential amino acids.


healthy spirulina
healthy spirulina

Spirulina contains a full spectrum of vitamins in a perfectly balanced scale. In large quantities contain beta carotene (vitamin A) – a powerful antioxidant that in Spirulina is 25 times more than in carrots. It contains all the B vitamins, especially is rich in vitamin B-12 that is resent here more than in any food, vitamins B 1, B 2 (riboflavin), B 3 (niacin), B-5, B-6 B-7, B-9 (folic acid), and vitamins C and K.


While growing Spirulina absorbs almost all minerals essential for the human body. She is especially rich in iron, which is 23 times more here than in spinach, calcium – 300% more than in a milk and contains zinc, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Essential fatty acids

Spirulina contains most needed Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, including GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which can be found in that form only in breast milk, which helps in the development of infants and improves the heart.

Spirulina 500mg
Now Foods Spirulina 500mg, Tablets, 500-Count


Spirulina is simply a rainbow of natural pigments which help to synthesize the enzymes necessary for regulating the metabolism.
Essentials pigment in Spirulina is phycocyanin that stimulates and strengthens the immune system. Another pigment is chlorophyll, which is a great purifier of the body and which is called “green blood” because of the similar structure of hemoglobin in the blood.


Spirulina contains a complex of alpha, beta and gamma carotenoids – natural antioxidants working in synergy to provide powerful protection to the body.


Spirulina contains a number of enzymes, including extremely rare enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase).

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