Small changes in the selection of makeup and clothes can really rejuvenate you for several years. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to receive compliments on your new and somehow fresh look.

Carefully Choose Hair Coloring

You should leave the extreme selections of hair coloring to the fashion stars like Lady Gaga. Too blanched hair loses its golden tones of beautiful blond hair thanks to whom she looks young and beautiful. Too dark colored hair that by the way it does not suit to your complexion can also act unnaturally.
Lighten The Complexion Using Concealer

Do not limit the use of concealer just to your eye circles. Carefully apply it to the internal and external corners of the eyes as well as the outside of the nostrils and, or to the edges of lips. It is the latest trick for which make up artists are swearing that descends a few years down instantly.

hair serum
hair serum

Avoid Make Up In Powder

“Dry” makeup makes you older and dries your skin. With the years the skin produces less fat, so moisturizing make up with age is more desirable in your make up bag. Switch to hydrating creams in color with a shiny effect.
For bronzer and blush also is better to choose creamy variants. A few drops of shimmer on your our check bones is equivalent to nice brightness and beautiful photos.

Select Appropriate Pants

The cheeks are not the only part of the body that enervates with years. A similar fate has a butt that over time loses his firmness and tightness. But it can easily be camouflaged with the right choice of pants. Always dial those containing at least 2% of elastin. If pants have more than 98% of cotton, they are easy stretchable and did not give the necessary “leverage” to the buttocks.

Shine With The Help Of Your Hair

Years of coloring and chemical treatments can make your hair dry and lifeless. Restore her shine with hair gloss or apply serum for care for everyday shine.
Find The Perfect Bra

Do not be limited by the number and letter marked on the bra. A good bra is one that raises your breasts while narrowing the waist and makes you thin.

“Lighten up” Your Lips

It has been proven that even the most juicy lips lose volume over time. Dark and matte lipsticks only accentuate this. Instead, choose lighter shades of gloss that over the years has to be a with a thicker texture.

Make Fake “Eye Lift”

To correct the appearance of droopy eyelids, apply trick that usually makes up artist do. On the edge of the lashes, apply a lighter eye shadow, while on the arc under the eyebrows, apply dark shade. In that case, avoid applying ‘Rimmel’ on lower lashes.

Highlight Your Cheeks
Highlight Your Cheeks

Highlight Your Cheeks

As cheeks enervates with years face gets tired look. To fix that visually you can use bleach or various makeups based on collagen or hyaluronic acid.

Spice up Your Style With Something Unexpected

In your recognizable style always add something unexpected. Interesting brooch if you dress in style “at work” or a jacket in your kinky image. It will show your openness to different influences that always looks youthful.

How To Make Your Small Lips Filler

Draw them with a pencil in a shade of your mouth and while that be careful not to exceed the natural edge of your lips. Then apply lipstick with a lighter shade. Avoid dark draws with pencil!