Women do not sweat, they just glow. Well, I wish that was the truth, but…
We all very well know that women, like others are sweating, especially in summer, so if don’t want your summer makeup be smeared after your second mojito you should use these easy tricks.

Use base

The key thing for long lasting powder is something that is often forgotten – the base. All you need is to apply very little base surface with some easy formula without oil, on the hydrated skin before proceeding with concealer or powder.

Skip to silicon

If you rubbed the entire face with powder probably you will have a problem. However, surely you have at least a little powder. What is the solution? Simple formula based on silicon. Silicon acts as a barrier between the humidity and the skin, and prevents the powder start to flow over your face.

The less, the better

Think in terms of powder like this, the less you put, the less it will smear on your face. Put a few drops of powder on sponge and drip it on the middle of the face with short strokes. Leave the powder a few minutes to soak, before proceeding with applying the rest of the makeup.

Use a creamy shadow

When sweat and powder will mix up, it does not look nice. Creamy shadows better relate to hot weather, and even if they a shiny it looks great in the sun.

waterproof mascara
waterproof mascara

Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must for the summer. Some of these mascara tends to fade and look gray after a while, so choose quality mascara.

Use a creamy blush

Just like shadow powder, and blush powder is not going together with sweat. So apply pink or coral creamy blush on your cheekbones.

Balm or lip gloss

Lip gloss is great for summer. But also can be sticky and can smear. So choose lip balm or gloss formula that contains more wax.

Prevent the glow of the face

To reduce the face glow and to fix your makeup with a large brush apply transparent light powder on the T-zone. Since this powder is colorless, the smaller are chances to cause you problems, but make sure that you choose an easy formula.

Use wet wipes

Instead of constantly applying more and more powder during the day or night to keep make-up, and to create so many layers that will make you look like a cake, when you feel the need use absorbing wet wipes that will absorb sweat and excess fat from your skin without smearing your makeup.

Tip Plus:5 colors which need to enter in your summer makeup

When we speak for summer makeup you should select distinct colors that will playfully your appearance and make you look irresistible.

Turquoise Blue – hue that adorns the turquoise waters will look great on your eyes. As an alternative for winter navy blue, you can choose nail polish, mascara or shadow in this color.

turquoise blue
turquoise blue

Orange – Select manicure in orange, or apply orange shadow to your eyelids if you want a real challenge. If you are not confident in choosing the hue and do not want to look like a parrot, choose a matte formula that will calm color.

Purple – This color has many shades from which you can choose the one that best suits you. Amethyst shades for the eyelids, manicure in a lavender color or purple lips? Combine with turquoise shades to create a masterpiece.

Yellow – the color of the sun is among the hottest colors this summer. What do you think of yellow manicure, yellow shadow or yellow lashes? Interesting, isn’t it?

Pink – Replace blush and shadow of grapefruit color with bolder and cooler shade of pink.



pink makup
pink makup
orange makeup
orange makeup