In the beginning it was the face cream, and then appeared night cream, serums, creams around the eyes, lotions, tonics, foams, gels, micellar solutions, essences… Each product has its own function, which we may not always understand so well, but nevertheless we buy and use them.

How many beauty products we really need and whether we need a whole arsenal of bottles in the bathroom.

Every cosmetic brand seasonal launch at least one new development in skin care, reformulate old products, change packaging, but also impose an artificial need for a new product. Many women, not informed on products bought at random and try out different formula, making to their skin more harm than good.

skin care products
skin care products

By some my experience there are two groups of women: those who really take care of their skin and are patiently waiting for the results,and those to whom it does not matter what kind of moisturizer they use, whether it is ok for their skin type and, if they do not see results quickly move on to the next type of moisturizer.

It is this need for fast and immediate results that leads us to the accumulation of products. In this modern age, when everything is available to us, we forget that for each product there are times when it is necessary to use it.

The most common errors are using creams or powders that are beyond our skin type, from which the skin is exposed to daily stress and reacts with constant inflammation, excessive splendor (greasy appearance), gray appearance…

Women sometimes exaggerate, do not know enough about the ingredients in the product, and emulating the commercials. Sometimes they forget that the use of the product is not enough, especially if it is a more serious dermatological problem.

Proper care includes not only products, but also complementary dermatological treatments. Such attitude to the skin, means a combination of products and treatments, we achieve a fresh and sleek appearance of the face.

Today it is imperative of youth more pronounced than ever, because if it is not, not every year should be spent so much money on advertising campaigns for anti aging products or their development. Every cosmetic company with reputation has several lines intended for different skin types, and the range is increasingly and to the beauty tools, such as the face brush.

Of course, there are various formulations, so these days except day and night cream, there are serums, emulsions, essences and oil mixtures that can be applied before the cream. There are also creams for the eye area, special concentrates for the area around the lips, and even creams made for the care of the neck.

Milk, tonics, foams, gels, micellar solutions also take up more and more space on the shelves of drug stores and perfumeries, and advertising campaigns persuade us that we need them all if we want our skin to look good.

The consequences of poor care

With numerous promises we can easily become greedy and buy more products than we really need, but it often happens that the effect is quite the opposite. The consequences of the accumulation of the beauty products, except in the wallet, can be seen on our skin. So often are already mentioned inflammatory processes, pimples, lack of hydration, etc.

anti aging products
anti aging products

Products that do not correspond to each other can cause further deterioration of the skin condition, so if for example we cherish the face with exclusively aggressive preparations that dry up pimples and matt the complexion of the face, skin instead of being mat will secrete more sebum,so a much better choice is a single product that will keep sebum under control (like cleansing foam), and the other product shall be mild and gentle to the skin.

Using soap and too often peeling also can damage the surface layer of the skin that can cause eczema, redness, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles … You should carefully read the instructions on cosmetic products and if you are able, be sure to consult with a professional beautician or dermatologist, which products are best for your skin and in what quantity.

Another problem the shelf life of the product which must be respected, and the more open creams we have, the slower we spend them so frequently happens that due to the use of old products we get undesired reactions.

How much do we really need?

Of course, in theory all sounds simple, but the practice often gives different results because we are influenced by the media, the environment, advertisers, and personal desires to be as long as possible with younger and more beautiful complexion.


“Proper skin care consists precisely in the application of gentle preparations for washing and cleaning of the skin, but equally powerful in cleansing the skin and maintaining its moisture. Starts with the daily washing of your face, although there are skin types that cannot stand that, so for washing they should use ordinary thermal water. The following is causing micellar solution that will work on toning the skin, additional cleaning the makeup and impurities on the surface of your skin. After that, it is important to apply face cream, either a moisturizing or nourishing, depending on the needs of the skin ”

To your daily care you can add and serum, especially if there is a need for additional care (wrinkles, lack of radiance and dehydration), and on a weekly basis it is good to make a peeling and put the mask.

Most experts agree that from the amount of the products that we use more important is that they are selected according to the needs of the skin and to use them regularly, because with regular use we get the desired effect on the skin.