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After consulting many doctors – experts, nutritionists and pharmacists we came with the following list of supplements that are most useful for man, and can be found in the daily diet.

L-carnitine (two in one)

If you are an athlete then you know everything about it, It can be found in liquid, powder or pill form. This amino acid accelerates the process of losing fat in muscles, where it is naturally found. So a natural source of L-carnitine is meat, whether red, white or pink. It also can be found in dairy products. Protects the gray matter in the brain from alcohol, stress and aging.

Coenzyme Q-10

coenzyme Q10
coenzyme Q10

Rejuvenates the skin, reduces blood pressure, corrects blood vessels, increases sperm count, help with fat loss. It can be found as a cream or in tablets, but also can be found in the fish, meat, eggs and broccoli.

Vitamin D (bone weakness)

This vitamin is a visa for the calcium to enter in the bones. Without it calcium remains in the blood or or it will be secreted throughout the kidneys. But the latest research has confirmed that it reduces the risk for depression, cancer of the colon and heart risk. It can be found in fish, milk and dairy products, but don’t forget you must be some time in the sun to activate it.

Fish oil (heart disease)

Omega-3 fatty acids are boosters of HDL, or so-called good cholesterol. They reduce blood pressure and improve heart condition. Cognitive abilities are increased, reducing inflammation and risk of prostate cancer and colon cancer.
Where can they be found? At the fish course, and the mackerel is the richest with them.

Glucosamine (pain in joints)


He is leverage, wall for the articular surface. Glucosamine may reduce pain and delay the inevitable emergence of osteoarthritis. Some researchers find it better than analgesics when it comes to joint pain. It is difficult to find it in the diet and is one of the approved supplements. But for the most persistent ones you can find it in lobsters or in french specialty from bovine bone marrow.

Vitamin C

Despite the excessive use of vitamin C, almost 30% of men still did not receive it. From fighting the free radicals, to accelerating the absorption of iron and calcium from the digestive tract until the construction of the vessels. Protects from those micro injuries of small blood vessels in sports activities. Cheapest of all supplements, but also can be found everywhere. If you eat fruits and vegetables you don’t need it in supplementary form.

EGCG (excess of fat)

This antioxidant found in green tea has gained worldwide fame. Everywhere can be found and is drunk from everybody. Those who drink a cup of green tea before training have a 30% acceleration of melting fat.

Lycopene (caretaker of the prostate)

It is found in the tomatoes, in tomato sauce, pizza sauce, dried tomatoes in tomato juice and everything that has tomatoes. It is known that has a preventive effect on the occurrence of prostate cancer. One helpful tip for him is that thermally processed is easier and more accessible for absorption.

Magnesium (migraine)

Although the ratio of men to women for the occurrence of migraine is 1 to 5 however we must set aside the magnesium. It acts on the blood vessels in the brain and regulate circulation and blood flow to the brain. It can be found in leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, coffee and nuts.

Fiber (diabetes, constipation, hemorrhoids)

Everything that is integrally, everything that has a shell. The mechanism of action is very simple. Fiber increases the volume of the contents of the digestive tract, thus facilitating him his job. If your stomach is fine, fine will be almost everything else.


Bacteria are not always so bad. If antibiotic means against bacteria, then probiotic means for bacteria. It is good for the intestinal flora that synthesize vitamin K, which fights the bad bacteria from out. Can be taken as tablets or in natural foods like yogurt, sour milk, kefir.

Resveratrol (aging)

We cannot stop the time, but we can slow it down. Einstein proved this through the theory of relativity. And in practice is to say: in the red grape is fond this antioxidant that helps repair DNA in the aging process, increases blood flow through vital organs and reduces the risk of cancer of prostate and colon. Once it’s in red grapes, it is also in red wine, wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, jelly and sweet grape.



Mmmm, coffee. Good for companionship, concentration in preparing exams, occasion to invite a girl on a date, etc..
Besides these benefits which are directed towards mental health, caffeine is good and for reducing the fat, increased endurance during trainings, regulation of blood sugar, headaches caused by low pressure, drowsiness and even reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
There is a one bad side and that is addiction. Do not drink more than 4 cups a day and do not drink them at once.

Enjoy coffee.