The main issue of the 21st Century (except how to get out of the crisis), is how to find a way to look youthful and how to slow down aging even for just a little bit. Evolution million years ago determined that our body loses power with age, the skin slowly regenerates, the muscle weakens, the immune system is disturbed.

Our body can be compared with the battery that over time is wasted and the light becomes weaker until finally goes down. We cannot stop spending, but for sure we can outlet for new charging.

We all know that movement is good for us, but perhaps even more interesting is the fact that it can rejuvenate us for up to 9 years.

Wondering how?
Scientists have for years been struggling to discover the magic formula for extending the life and youthful look. In some studies they noted that the answer to this question is in the telomeres ( (the physical ends of chromosomes that shorten with each cell division and are indicators of aging on the body).
Excessive shortening of telomeres leads to aging and its reduction is caused by various factors such as heredity, social environment, lifestyle, where the main role is nutrition, movement and stability of mental health. We cannot influence genetics, but we certainly can have influence on our lifestyle.


Studies have shown how and which kind of bodily exercise can affect the slowing of the telomere. Bodily exercises that lead to intense heating of the body and which are conducted at least three hours each week has a greater impact on the length and telomere and youthful appearance, unlike inactivity in front of television. Testing was conducted on a group of young people who were asked for three weeks not to have any physical work,only to rest. Just three weeks of physical inactivity led to major physiological changes in the participants, increased blood pressure, heart capacity was smaller, more leakage of fat that leads to faster aging.
There is a solution, just takes a little discipline, desire and motivation.


Exercises with greater intensity:

brisk walking, cycling, jogging, climbing stairs is just some examples of exercises with greater intensity. It achieves better effect if you carry them out every day for 30 minutes rather than once or twice a week for 2 hours.

Exercises for strength:

with the aging muscle mass decreases. Raising the weights and other exercises with external loads are important for maintaining a healthy and vital body.

tai chi
Tai Chi

Energy Exercises:

asian tradition speaks of the relationship of energy, exercise and aging. For example exercises that are present to prevent aging are Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises. These exercises involve slow movements through the full synergy with breathing. In these exercises, proper breathing is important for oxidation of the body and prevents loss of collagen and premature aging.

Yoga exercises:

for yoga many know so much, so it is not necessary to explain her positive effects, breathing techniques and relaxation to maintain mental health.

If perhaps so far you have successfully avoided any kind of exercise, it’s time to consider whether you really want to look a few years older than you really are.