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Tomato, in Latin known as Lycopersicon lycopersicum, in fact, is a garden plant, which has a mixed position between fruits and vegetables. It is used for preparing of all sorts of dishes, salads, winter supplies, sauces, soups, various specialties, among which most famous specialty is a ketchup that is irreplaceable in all restaurants worldwide. Simply without ketchup would not have existed many tasty dishes as pizza for example…
The tomato was not known to the people until the invention of America. After that it was brought into Europe by the Spanish, and he began to be grown massively. Although the fruit of the tomato is the most widely used and one of the healthiest fruits, its leaves and stems are not in use, because they contain certain toxins, and we can classify them to the group of poisonous.

health from nature
Tomatoes – health from nature

The tomato belongs to the very low calorie foods, contains 18 calories per 100 grams, which puts him in a group of grocery ideal for involvement in the diets. From his composition nearly 95% is water. Then carbohydrates 2.6%, 0.9% protein, and 0.2% fat. The tomato is very rich in copper, but it is interesting that it contains more iron than chicken, fish and milk.From tomato carotenoids are also very important, it contains over 600 types of carotenoids. Lycopene gives the red color of tomatoes. Approximately 85% of the total lycopene which is inserted in the body is received from the tomato.
If we start to comment on the health benefits of using tomatoes, really has a lot to say, so we will mention only the most important benefits that you can gain if you regularly consume tomatoes. Due to the high presence of oxalic acid, tomato is a great choice for people who suffer from joint diseases, rheumatism and inflammation of the joint capsule. An excellent choice for people with cardiovascular disease, tomato protects the heart and blood vessels and reduces pressure.
A while ago I mentioned lycopene, if you want to know why, then you should know that it is the most powerful antioxidant, even two times more powerful than you for the well-known beta carotene, and 10 times more powerful than alpha tocopherol. So, its huge presence in tomato makes tomatoes a real fighter against free radicals and real antioxidant bomb, and according to experts seriously reduces the risk of many types of cancers.

Healthy benefits of tomatoes
Healthy benefits of tomatoes

Strive as much as you can tomatoes that you use to be fresh and with organic origin, but in the fall always preserved sufficient amount of this fruit, so you don’t have to stay without these tomatoes any month of the year. It is best to keep it frozen in a deep freeze chamber,only then you can consume it with quality closest to the one when is fresh.
Speaking of ketchup, we can say that ketchup is very healthy, but the one that is homemade. Others are filled with additives that exceed the useful effect. So if you can always make yourself a homemade ketchup, adding only natural ingredients so you will not jeopardize the quality and you will get all benefits as when consume fresh tomatoes.
As we already mentioned tomato has amazing gains and we have listed just a few important so that we do not need to repeat that a tomato is a fruit that is convincingly the richest source of antioxidants, making it a powerful guardian of our health.