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Foods for which the body spends more calories when digest them than they themselves have has been proofed as an excellent help in removing weight.


Tomatoes on the vine.
Tomatoes on the vine.

Medium size tomato contains about 22 calories, and the body for his digestion consumes about 60 calories. Contains over 90 percent water, and small amounts of carbohydrate, fat and is rich with vitamin C, B, and K, and carotenoids and lycopene. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lycopene ).


Celery in a medium size has only six calories, and for its digestion body consumes about 50. Celery is rich in fiber and an excellent source of vitamin K, antioxidant coumarins and vitamin B complex.


About 100 grams of broccoli contain 25 calories while the body in their digestion spends 80 calories. Rich in vitamins and minerals, and because of their healing properties are being proclaimed to partakers in the fight against cancer.


There are only 32 ​​calories in 100 grams of grapefruit and a body needs double to digest it all. This healthy fruit is well known and used in reducing the weight because it attacks fat and is rich in vitamins C and B6, thiamine, riboflavin and fiber.



One cup of chopped watermelon contains about 80 calories and although rich in natural sugars, the body still consumes about 90 calories. Rich in water and gives purification of toxins from the body and is an ideal dessert for those who are on a diet.


Medium-sized apple contains about 100 calories while the body consumes about 120 calories to his digestion. Besides that apple fruit is great for breakfast because it raises metabolism.

Green Salad

One bowl of green salad contains about 8 calories and because most salads contain much water the body needs triple more energy in the form of calories to digest it. Rich in magnesium,vitamins and great supplement in the daily healthy diet.


Yogurt and Cinnamon: Excellent combination for melting the kilograms!

Cinnamon is recommended for persons who have problems with excess weight. He regulates the amount of sugar in the blood the way he reduces the need for carbohydrates, that is very important for keeping a diet.

He strengthens immunity, relieves pain followed by arthritis, acts against spreading of leukemia and improves brain activity.

yogurt and cinnamon
yogurt and cinnamon

In combination with yogurt you will have an excellent drink for starting and also for ending of the day. This drink with cinnamon is a great diet and helps in the removal of fat on the abdomen and legs.

In 2 deciliters of yogurt, put 1 teaspoon of cinnamon mix and drink it as a first and a last meal during the day.