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The human body is a perfect machine, so no surprise that some magnificent processes happens in it while we exercise.

We all knew that exercise is particularly good for the health of the body, but do you know what happens in the body during exercise?

Here is a short overview of the processes taking place in some of the most important organs.


Many processes occur in the muscles during exercise for the body. First, the body uses glucose, the sugar that the body stored in the form of glycogen, which is needed for muscle contraction and movement. Also, use adenosine triphosphate or ATP, but the body has small reserves of glucose and ATP. Very quickly after will use those quantities, the body requires supplemental oxygen to create new amounts of ATP. Then more blood is pumped into the muscles that work to prepare additional quantities of oxygen. Without enough oxygen, it will come to the formation of lactic acid, and it will not give any result. Then in the muscle will form a compound which helps in the growth and strengthening of muscles.

fitness exercise
fitness exercise


The human body needs 15 times more oxygen during exercise. That is why you are breathing hard and fast while exercising. Your breaths will increase until the muscles surrounding the lungs can no longer accelerate their movement. Greatest lung capacity to use oxygen is called maximal aerobic capacity. The greater the capacity, the person is in better shape.


When you exercise, the number of heart bites increases, which means a greater amount of oxygen circulating in the body thanks to the blood. The more you exercise, the heart becomes more efficient, so then you can exercise more intensely and for longer. Also, exercise stimulates the growth of new blood cells, which leads to lower blood pressure.

Stomach and intestines

Despite the fact that during exercise muscle pump more blood, some organs fall because of the strong work that the body needs to perform. These include stomach and intestines. As a result of the effort some problems may occur with the stomach, it’s not something terrible, but he can be pretty tricky.


While you exercise, the body produces heat, which means it has to be cooled. Blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow to the skin, and then the heat begins to evaporate through the skin into the air. So actually creates sweating.

body exercises

What Happens In Body While You Are Exercising
Safe For Later – What Happens In Body While You Are Exercising