featured imageYou probably know that yoga is an excellent workout for relaxation, attaining the mind-body equilibrium, muscle toning, and de-stressing, but did you know that some asanas can also delay signs of aging and make your skin firm, youthful, and radiant? Now you know – and if you want to find out which poses can help bring out your inner glow, check out these simple yet highly efficient asanas and include them in your yoga routines.

1. Uttasana

Forward bending poses such as uttasana boost circulation in the upper body, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the face. Paired with a diet centered on detox-boosting foods, uttasana practice will help your complexion flourish and remain radiant, clear, and wrinkle-free for a few years longer.


2. Halasana

Another asana that amps blood flow to the facial area, the plow pose calms the nervous system, promotes rejuvenation and sleep quality, and tones the skin. A yogi’s beauty elixir, halasana is ideal for all-body detox, improved cell nourishment and regeneration, and it’s suited to both beginners and advanced practitioners who want to make their inner beauty show in the face.


3. Shirshasana

Headstand has a similar effect on circulation in the facial area like forward bending asanas, as it reverses blood flow and delivers an extra dose of precious nutrients to upper body cells. At the same time, shirshasana promotes detoxification and stimulates vital metabolic processes, and low toxin content is another important aspect of a youthful, rosy countenance.


4. Bharadvaja’s Twist

Twisting poses have a beneficial effect on digestion as they promote toxin flushing and nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, Bharadvaja’s twist is a yogi’s faithful ally in the pursuit of skin radiance and lasting beauty along with a raw food diet and increased water intake: healthy gut function shows in the complexion more than you can imagine.


5. Marichyasana

The sage position may look complex from the standpoint of a yoga beginner, but its impact on internal organs and skin definitely makes it a must for yogis who want to make most of their routines. Marichyasana boosts blood flow to the abdomen, calms the nervous system, and encourages toxin removal, all of which contribute to lasting skin radiance.


6. Dhanurasana

A pose that accelerates blood flow in the entire body and engages all major muscle groups, the bow pose promotes stress relief and detoxification. To revitalize the body, increase daily energy levels, and make the sparkle show in your skin, include dhanurasana in your daily yoga routine: you’ll see the results within a week.


7. Sarvangasana

The queen of asanas, the shoulder stand engages all muscle groups and tones the entire body, and just like the headstand, it reverses the blood flow towards the crown chakra, cleansing the organism of free radicals and accumulated toxic waste. As it purifies all cells and boosts supply of nutrients to the complexion, sarvangasana will help restore rosy sheen to your cheeks and prevent telltale signs of aging.


8. Shavasana

A pose usually performed at the end of the yoga class, shavasana encourages body healing and relaxation, and it is a great asana for repairing cell and tissue damage, improving sleep quality, and stress relief. For this reason, shavasana is an excellent pose for yogis plagued by chronic skin conditions as it cancels out all the factors that contribute to wrinkles, acne, and blocked pores.


9. Ustrasana

The camel pose is an intense back bending asana that engages your back muscles and lumbar spine, boosts lung capacity, and opens up the rib cage, allowing you to increase oxygen intake and supply of nutrients to all the cells. Combined with regular intake of herbal teas, ustrasana can help restore hormonal balance and oust stress from your system, both of which are vital for lasting skin glow.


10. Matsyasana

A pose that targets the muscles of the throat and facial area, the fish pose is a great yoga stretch that tones and nourishes the skin and restores youthful looks to your complexion. With regular practice, matsyasana can even smooth out existing lines and wrinkles, stabilize hormonal levels, and improve thyroid, pituitary, and pineal gland function, all of which play a role in long-term skin health and radiance.

MatsyasanaClean eating and adequate care may be half your skin’s health, but these yoga poses are not far behind either. Don’t let the hands of time wipe away the glow from your countenance: put on comfortable workout apparel right away, grab the mat, and head over to the yoga studio. Your complexion will be eternally grateful to you for the effort.

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