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Cardio workouts such as jogging, cycling and brisk walking contribute to faster weight loss because as the main fuel they consume energy from subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Every year, especially before the summer, “new” fitness programs appear that prove to us how great exercise is for health and for maintaining a slim figure. The formula for success is not in the novelties because it is difficult to invent something so different from what is already known. However, whatever type of program you choose, the result will be visible after a while only if you are training regularly, which means exercising 2-3 times per week!

Are you talking about regular exercise?

Not easy! Especially if we do not have a habit of regular exercise instilled from a young age and when we start exercising only in adulthood after we have realized that we need to change something for health or aesthetic reasons. Visible physical changes takes weeks and months to be achieved, and that  can make you feel like you’re just doing another in a series of tasks by exercising, which has a negative impact on your motivation and inner satisfaction. You need to focus on some more benefits of exercise to keep your motivation as high as possible.

Exercise and weight loss

Exercise is one of the main factors of successful weight loss. Since energy is used to carry out any work, it is understood that energy consumption is increased during exercise. So, we can say that with systematic exercise we can lose weight, but only if the goal of training is weight loss, or reduction of subcutaneous fat.

successful weight loss with exercise

It should be mentioned that not every exercise has the same effect on the body, that is, the aim of the training depends on the type of a training that will be conducted. Each organism is specific and cannot be generalized. For some, the results of exercise can be seen after a few weeks, while for others, only after a few months. In general, the younger a person is, the faster his metabolism is, so the desired changes in the body occur faster. Certainly one should not immediately lose the will to exercise and give up.

Weight loss is a long-term process and there are no miracle drinks that will help you to lose weight on your own. As much as we would all love it!

Conditions for weight loss

  • In order to reduce the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue, a large number of workouts are required, and exercise should be regular. If even after a few months there are no changes in the amount of subcutaneous fat, and the shape of the body remains unchanged, we can conclude that something needs to be changed. Maybe the training is not appropriate for the given purpose, or maybe the calorie intake is still too high!
  • If we want exercise results to be shown quickly, we need to support training with nutrition. We should definitely consume natural products and insist on fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Simple carbohydrates from pastries, white bread and various sweets are the real enemy of a harmonious figure. They are a quick source of energy that satiates us for a while, so we soon become hungry again and so we eat more than we need. It is often a misconception that after training (exercise) we are allowed to eat whatever we want. Let’s not forget that training does not consume unlimited amounts of energy!

Which exercises to choose?

Cardio exercise as the main fuel consumes energy from subcutaneous adipose tissue. Exercise in aerobic (cardio) conditions causes a reduction in subcutaneous fat. This impact of cardio training is interesting to anyone who cares about good physical appearance. Especially before the summer months when we want to lose extra pounds and prepare the body for the beach. Muscles are visible (defined) only when we get rid of excess subcutaneous fat! To achieve this training effect, the heart rate during exercise should range between 60 and 70% of the maximum heart rate. Also, the activity should be long lasting. So, this is a completely light aerobic workout. Exercise in nature is an ideal choice if we want to train aerobically. Hiking, long brisk walks, jogging, cycling, rollerblading… With regular exercise aimed at reducing subcutaneous fat we can definitely lose weight, but, as already explained, it is necessary to control the energy intake in the body.

exercise in nature

It should be noted that cardio training aimed at reducing subcutaneous fat is not bad to be combined with exercises for strengthen and shaping the muscles. Then the impact on the body is complete and manifests itself in a firm and shaped body, which is a true reflection of good form and good health.

Cardio training takes a long time, so sometimes it can be boring and you should spice it up with good company, dynamic music, choosing a beautiful landscape in which the activity takes place.

HIIT is a hit!

If you feel that you are in good shape and that you are not satisfied with the results of a uniform cardio training, try more dynamic workouts. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Studies and research have confirmed the effectiveness of HIIT and declared it to be more effective in burning fat than traditional, “ordinary” aerobic training. Unlike traditional aerobic training (eg 45-60 minutes of running at a steady pace), HIIT, in addition to saving time (usually lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on training), allows a long-term increase in basal metabolism after training.

The concept of HIIT training is simple and short intervals alternate of high intensity workout with less intense intervals of active recovery. We will not go into depth and describe it in detail, because before conducting this type of training, it is necessary to consult a kinesiologist who will give you all the necessary explanations and instructions for conducting this type of training.

Professional guidance

Finally, in order to show the results quickly, special attention should be paid to defining the goal of training, balanced diet and proper determination of exercise volume (extent and intensity), keeping in mind your current health condition.

healthy fitness

In modern fitness, exercisers are increasingly inclined to train to the limits of endurance, instead of leaving it to their trainers to define the volume of exercise in order to avoid unwanted consequences. The trainer will make sure that other muscle groups are involved in the exercises each time and, depending on the goal of the training, define the impact on motor skills so that you are ultimately satisfied and the results are visible after a certain time.