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To get the most out of your makeup and cosmetics, use our tips:

When buying lipstick and eyeshadow, take with you a sheet of white paper. New colors of lipstick can be tested on paper along with an eyeshadow. So you can check the colors in daylight outside, away from the artificial lighting in the store.

Fragrances: it is better to use two lighter fragrance together, rather than a strong odor that can overwhelm those around you. If you use scented body lotion and then you use the perfume of the same scent,it will result in long-lasting effect.

Use a normal cream to remove oil-based makeup.

nails makeup
nails makeup

Make your nails narrower applying dark nail polish on the middle part of the nail, making sure it does not apply all the way to the edge of the nail.

When you try some color of liquid foundation, and already have it on yourself, apply it on your neck or inner arm. The shade of the skin in these places is more suited to the color of the face than the one on top of the hand, so you can make a better decision.

To find the best place to blush, widely laugh, and remember place where you face gets its round shape.The raised part of the cheek is the best place to blush if you want to look natural, because you will blush just on that part of the face.
If you want your concealer to be long lasting, apply it in small amounts, but in two to three layers. This technique will guarantee durability.

If you have oily skin,avoid tonics containing alcohol because it can dry out the skin and block impurities beneath the surface. To avoid drying of the skin use a toner containing AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). They help in smoothing skin texture.

Gather all the makeup they have on various sites and make an analysis. Be unrelenting and throw away any products more than two years old, which have the stale smell,stained,products in which the fluid is separated,what is dirty or falling apart (brush or sponge). After this you can purchase supplies you need, and all the make-up store in a box, which will remain in excellent condition.

If you have oily skin, use very little moisturizer or, if possible, do not use it at all. Too much moisturizer on oily skin can cause smudging of makeup.

make up blush
make up blush

If a lip line is a problem to you, apply lipstick vertically instead of horizontally.

When removing makeup, take a swab for ear cleaning that you previously dipped in a fat-free face cleansing milk and pull it over the eyelids to remove the remnants of mascara.