In every make up collection, lipstick is the product that we will regularly get when we want to spice up our makeup look and feel a bit more special. We love it because with a few simple moves every look can be transformed, whether it is with its powdery tones that will lightly and subtly emphasize the lips or bright shades that will like a striking piece of jewelry, attract attention and that will be all that you need for your magnificent look.

liquid lipstick

For whatever shade and formula you choose, lipstick always has its place inside our cosmetic purse and belongs to the eternal and irreplaceable make up classic things.


And also the classic for himself, slowly but surely becomes a fluid lipstick. So what exactly is his secret and the reason of so much popularity?


Revolution Of Fluid Lipstick

It’s no secret that the new seasonal trends change the beauty world from season to season, and they move faster and more rapidly, transforming popular beauty favorites, creating their new and even better release. A few years ago in the beauty world began a real revolution that changed lipstick as an ultimate beauty favorite. Even recently, the favorite creamy lipstick, which have been admired by generations of women’s  has been overshadowed by the lipstick in liquid form and liquid lipstick have offered not only the luxurious shades that float on our ten, but also stable and durable formula that yields a flawless appearance of the lips.

The secret of the success of fluid lipstick needs to be sought in the combination of precise application, impeccable finish and lips stamina, thus responding to exactly what we have always been looking for in the perfect lipstick and we have not been able to find it. In the last few seasons they have been highlighted as the absolute favorites in the world of lipstick, as they have been largely distanced from classic creamy roses.


The biggest difference between creamy and liquid lipsticks lies in the formula itself, and that formula to the liquid lipstick brings a blend of virtually weightless texture and incredibly powerful pigment on the lips, creating a pleasing and breathtaking feeling of wearing, as well as the perfect coating of color.

liquid lipsticks from Nu Skin

In addition, the current lipstick formula is mostly with matte effect, resulting in almost unbelievable endurance and persistence of lipstick on the lips, and certainly brings a dose of careless in carrying lipsticks, especially those with vibrant or dark colors. With the light and powerful liquid formula that easily adjusts to the lips, the precise applicators that we used to look at lip gloss are also a great advantage of fluid lipstick and allow application without error. Let us not forget the fact that matt liquid lipstick does not dry out our lips, the reason many women refuses to to put a creamy lipstick with matte effect.


A New Liquid Lipstick That You Have To Try

The liquid lipsticks have become so popular and widely accepted that their rule in the world of beauty is growing year by year, and when looking for those perfect, in addition to effective shades, we are always looking for a long lasting formula that will remain on our lips for hours.

Just such a fluid lipstick now brings Nu Skin, a company oriented in production of premium quality products that has been creating innovations for years and is among leaders in the personal care and makeup trends. Their innovation in the world of makeup is a liquid lipstick that will conquer you with the first application and become your new favorite – PowerLips Fluid, just as it has become ours since we tried it.

All lipsticks from this PowerLips fluid series come with the ingenious applicator that guarantees you that in a single stroke, even when in a hurry, you can apply the formula of a liquid lipstick on your lips.


PowerLips Fluid Liquid Lipstick

Although luxurious and long-lasting, the formula of PowerLips Fluid Liquid Lipstick thanks to the high concentration of pigments in an extremely thin layer brings intense colors and creates a wonderful feeling of bare skin on the lips with matte effect.

lipstick from Nu Skin

Nu Skin’s PowerLips Fluid Lipsticks will be your new favorite, and besides the long-lasting formula that will keep on your lips all day, the luxurious shades of which you will surely find the perfect shade for yourself will win you at a glance.

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